Mestre Camisa

Mestre Camisa is from Bahia, Brazil, and he started the practice of capoeira at the age of 7. He first learned from his older brother Camisa Roxa, then he moved to Salvador to go to Mestre BIMBA Academy of capoeira where he graduated.

In 1972 he arrived in Rio and after teaching for a while in several schools he joined the Senzala Group where he started applying the teachings of Mestre BIMBA.

In the beginning of the 80's, using Mestre Bimba's teachings as a frame, Mestre Camisa developed his own style adding his unique technique and methodology that improved the martial art aspect of Capoeira, and put Mestre Camisa as the leading Capoeira master in the world.

Since he does not have a massive body, he developed a technique to neutralize his opponents with slips, take downs, speed and efficiency when applying the moves, blows and kicks. This technique allows him to face a bigger opponent in equal conditions.

Mestre Camisa is constantly researching capoeira and improving his style and this is the base of his work.

A few words from Mestre Camisa about ABADA and our philosophy

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